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Colt is proud of our ability to provide top quality products to our military, security and law enforcement customers domestically and internationally. Our employees are our strength and are committed to total customer satisfaction.


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Colt  has established an outstanding reputation for its particular ability to develop and implement product solutions customized to suit specific user requirements. New challenges presented by our clients spur our ongoing product development and improvement. The design team is continually reaching new heights in conceptual design, product definition, rapid prototyping, materials, manufacturing methods, and verification testing.

Colt’s Product Support Engineering [PSE] retains a multitude of capabilities within in our own facility.  We keep up to date with the newest technologies for various types of research tasks, data collection and development projects.  From prototype creation, weapon testing and ballistics data to weapons incident investigations Colt Canada’s PSE Department can help you.

Colt Government 1911 A1 12rd LEAD

A classic firearm this iconic requires no introduction. Superior performance and remarkable reliability will make this a shooting experience you will never forget.

To stay true to what made the platform iconic, this replica functions and feels exactly like the original. From checkered grips to the single-action-only trigger – even the spurred hammer and the grip safety – you’ll feel the sensation of nostalgia shot after shot.

The .22 L.R. version of this handgun is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from Colt. It is the only genuine Colt tactical rimfire replica available in the world. The timeless platform combined with Walther’s superior craftsmanship results in one of the newest firearms available today.


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The legend of Colt